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I want an FPGBC Nintendo Gameboy-clone. Here's why it is cool and how to buy one if you live in Europe

What is a FPGBC

An FPGBC is a Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Color handheld console clone; it does not use emulation software to run games and software, but instead, it is built with an FPGA Core inside. This means that this console clone will mimic the exact functioning of every chip inside an original Nintendo Gameboy or Gameboy Color to high degrees of accuracy that are usually impossible to achieve with software emulation.

You may ask why you should bother buying one when you can easily find a handheld that plays multiple emulators for about the same price (sometimes even less). The answer is simple: simplicity of use and "look and feel." Having an FPGBC device in your hands feels like having an old Nintendo Gameboy or Gameboy color.

If you want to have a closer look at this device, this is the link to see it:


The price is also quite adequate for an FPGA device: about 83,50$ for a complete unit ready to be assembled by yourself (do not fear anyway! assembling is straightforward and will take you a maximum of twenty minutes with no soldering)

But I live in Italy

I often experience high import duties for stuff from outside the European Union.

Fortunately, I found a German company that sells this FPGBC handheld console and its accessories in the European community.

Check it out here:



- There's no risk of being charged customs fees (I was recently charged a lot for a small £50 package from the UK).

- For an extra €10, they will put it together for you.

- They offer a wizard so you can choose your favorite colors for the console.


- It costs more: €129 + €7.90 for shipping (in Italy) compared to $83.60 from the original reseller.


Thanks for reading!

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